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BETT Visit

BETT Show Blog post 1

Student voice in action @ BETT

BETT, the aim of our trip was to take 11 of my best 6th form students to the biggest ICT in Education show in europe. And then ask them to explore the show for ICT innovations that they think could improve teaching and learning accross our trust.

We made the choice to leave the students to look around the show on their own, after reminding them of the brief for the visit.

So while we walked around and were bombarded by every stand owner wanting to sell us their product on the stop, our students were free to approach the stands that looked interesting and use theeir youthful charm to wangle hands on demonstrations of all the good stuff.

When we met up with them at lunch they were buzzing with excitment over some of the things they had seen.

Some students highlights:

  • Frog
  • Linux Server systems
  • The Dell robot
  • Interactive plasma tvs
  • Thin client classroom solutions
  • ‘Be an MP for the day’ Online
  • Manga Maths – Games based learning and data tracking

What next?

I’m determined to has a real outcome from the visit, as I told the students ‘this is not a jolly’ I want some real student input into our Trust ICT planning. So this is what we’ll be doing this week.

Using free time the students will work independantly to create three things;

  1. A presentation about their findings, advising schools on what to investigate further to improve T&L
  2. A wall display to share their highlights from the visit with the rest of the students and staff on the High School site
  3. Update their personal wordpress blogs with a review of the visit and the show

Copies of their presentations and a photo of the display will be online asap so check here for updates!

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