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Snow Day!

Country comes to a stand still,

e-learning means the job doesn’t need to stop!

(Is that good or bad thing?)

It’s struck me today that the news is full of “Schools close due to cold snap” which on it’s own is true!

But what isnt being said by our news broadcasters is that this is the 21st Century, and although the schools have closed we do have ways of continuing the learning beyond the front door of the school.

For example:

I’ve spent yesterday and today updating my A-Level students Google site with resources and information to help them continue working on exam prep! (And before you say ‘but they’ll not be accessing it – it’s a Snow Day!’) You’d be wrong, they have accessed the work and have even sent me questions based on it!

We are missing a teaching PR opportunity really – someone get on TV and shout out that ‘Schools close due to snow’ but our work doesn’t end when the doors close anymore! 🙂

On the other hand, stay in bed, wrap up warm and pray the snow falls tonight and you get another day off! But lets be honest, teachers never just ‘switch off’ do we? 🙂

Links to access:


Applied ICT google site

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