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Brief but useful post!


As soon as I found this I realised I have been seeing these images all over the internet for an AGE! So I’m so pleased to find it and to find that I can use it to create my own ‘Wordle images’.

It’s great and has a lot of potential! English jumps to mind, jumble up the key words from a Poem, or play, or ask students to create a Wordle using what they feel are the key words of a text.

But then it’s not just for Englis! I can imagine MFL using it, Science could use it, PE even! in fact we all could use it !

I plan to!

Here is a LINK to the website AND a presentation I have found online of ideas for using Wordle in class!

Wordle ideas


Leave a comment, what do you think ? Have you used it, or plan to?

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