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Student blogging – for reflective learning…

Teaching reflection…

Student Blog

Student Blog

Something I am doing this year to expand the e-learning amongst my Y13 Applied ICT students is encouraging them to create and publish weekly students Blogs!

No matter what homework they have had from me in a week they now know they have to update their personal blog online, reflecting on the weeks learning!

They have been given some suggested headings to help them compose a meaningful reflection on their studies.

Headings to help write a reflective blog:

  1. What were the main tasks you tackled this week?
  2. How have you tackled them? (ie; on your own? As a group?)
  3. How successful have you been an completing tasks set for you?
  4. What can you do to improve your work, and how you work?


Student Blog 1

Student Blog 1

The students were given the first task “Go home and over the weekend set your blog up” (they will put up their first posts this week. By Late Friday evening I was getting emails from several students “Hi Sir, my bog is now online, the address is…”.

Hows that for quick engagement?!

One student has already linked their twitter to their blog, and their twitter read First blog up and running, lets hope it helps get them A grades.”

The Future …

I’m hopeful that this is a start to a long and fruitful activity with the group, which I can eventually move to other year groups.

I’m considering starting with year 11, where reflecting on a weeks learning may prove a useful tool in retention of information in the run up to exams or coursework)

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