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Remember, they remember…

There are moments that you remember all your life, for example…


Short post this, but its important to remember that teachers are as memorable as the clips you just watched. As part of recent CPD training we teachers were asked to list anything we remembered from our school days.

Sure enough no matter what the age of the teacher they could easily recall their own tutors from their school days, the teachers ethos, style, and even things like what colour hair they had or how bad their dress sense was! Not to mention those thoughts of wisdom that the teacher had given them.

How will you be remembered?

The point of this post is to remind us all as the year begins that; our words count, every word, and our actions, our methods. Our students might not always seem to be listening to us. But they are, and they are remmebering. All I’ll say is keep that in mind, what do you want the memory to be when they are 50+ ?

“Oh i remember Mr **** he was so strict, but my goodness he taught us things that I remember to this day, like…”

A family member of mine recently said exactly that, & I thought to myself, yeah, I want my students to be able to say that about me long after they have left my classroom.


  1. Hey sir, i made a blog, its called ‘ambersthoughts’ not exactly original but hey there it is. And i hope your not going to be too strict this year Mr ***** :p (As long as it’s get us our grades lol 😀 )

  2. Hello Mr Wright, I have also made my blog on this amazing Macbook. It is called “alastairbardon” as that is my name. Cya tuesday period 2 😉

  3. Hi Sir i made a blog called ‘kiefer92’ as i am hoping it will be easy to remember for ICT.
    Hope this year you will know how to say my name and not need to call me Jack lol cya on tuesday:)

  4. Hello Sir, i made my blog its called “amyyyyyy” i just kept adding the y’s till i got a username that wasn’t already taken.

  5. Hello Mr Wright i have created a blog, hopefully you wern’t to hunover today 😀

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