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Interactive class-room desks!!!!

I always believe that innovation isn’t about having the latest gadget, its about thinking of something to do with it that no-one else has though up yet.

With that in mind…

Watch this short video and see what you think. If you think “wow, how cool, how do i use that in my classroom” then keep reading this post, if not then, well, see what’s on tv right now.

Ok, so great idea eh? using technology a little differently with pottentially inspiring outcome, how do we get that into your classroom?

My instant thoughts on using this in my classroom from September:

Re-mount your classroom projector so that you can aim it down as well as forward – If you have a DT department that is open to exploring innovation with you this need not be a chore.

I’ve created some graphical representations of the idea, they are in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

In essence you need to create a mount for the projector that will allow you to aim it down as well as forward. This is done simply by creating a trap-door style mount! And then mounting your Wii remote on top of the projector.

Exciting lessons follow…

Once you’ve done this you can plan a lesson which involves your students gathering around the desk to work ‘hands on’ with a collection of images of files.

It might seem like a gimmick, but if it generates enthusiasim for a topic or single lesson then its worked!

And just keep in mind that the ‘real thing’ from Microsoft has a price tag of £10,000!!!

Go on, see if you can do it in your classroom this year!

If you try it, post a comment here! If I get it working I promise another post will come up!

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