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Wider than just ICT…

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways

Blood Sweat and Take-aways

Blood Sweat and Take-aways

The BBC shows some of the best shows, from Dr Who to this little gem that I happened upon when I left my TV running this evening.

? … Why share it on a website about ICT and Education ?

Well, I’m a form tutor & one of the rewarding and motivating factors behind that role is being able to offer my students the chance to think about something that doesn’t fall into a curriculum category.

Just putting an idea out there and letting them discuss it while a take the register – Love that!

Ethics link

Ethics link

Here is one such topic I wish I was back at work already so I could share it with them.

“6 Brits have been taken by the BBC and sent to work in places around the world which produce the food we consume in the UK”

Simple idea, and the obvious thought is “Well ok it’s going to show poor working conditions and probable near ‘slave labour’ in the poorer areas of the world”.

But actually the show will shock you! And I’d hope shock young people.

Working in a Tuna factory (show 1)

Working in a Tuna factory (show 1) - LInk to article in Mail Newspaper

The work that is done (for example in tonight’s episode) to pull prawns out of mud filled lakes is upsetting to watch! To discover that £4 is dream money for a prawn farm worker when we are worrying about the credit crunch here but still going out at a weekend “coz we worked hard this week” is hard to take in.

I hope this show stays on BBC i-player till September because I’ll be sharing it with my students and recomending they give it 30minutes of an evening.

Impressive TV, amongst the rubbish of reality TV that exists!!! I recomend anyone watches it next week!

(The show way originally broadcast in May on BBC 3)

Links to resources:


BBC News Magazine Article


BBC i-player (Watch the show

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  1. Yeah I was shocked by this too!!! It really makes our lives and problems seem small in comparison and perhaps we seem a little spoiled. Although this has been highlighted I would be interested to know if the BBC have made any positive contribution to the places that they have visited? Has this had an impact for the people who work in these farms?

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