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New teaching resource from the BBC

“BBC teachers”

…a new resource from the BBCs education pages.

The BBC has been building some of the best online learning resources for many years, BBC Bitesize has been around since the mid 1990s! (which seems like a lifetime ago to me)

The latest development is BBC Teachers – an area of the BBC website which aims to pull together many resources which have existed a long time on their site but now groups them by their usefulness for teachers rather than simply as a tool for students.

BBC Teachers website

BBC Teachers website

Resources are grouped by their relevance to Key Stages. and then broken down into links for worksheets, videos and ideas for the use of both in the classroom.

My initial suggestion for using the resource:

ww1 in class uses

BBC Video and class ideas on the site

Using the WW1 video as an example why not set watching the online video as a ‘pre-lesson’ independent study activity for your students? simply copy the weblink for the video to your VLE and set your work (perhaps linked questions) based on this.

The resources are plentiful on the site, have a look round, see what you can use the site for, from basic linking of relevant materials to presenting them in your lessons.

Teaching materials cover many subjects from KS1 – 4 !

Topics from the KS3 ICT menu

Topics from the KS4 ICT menu

See what you think of the site!

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