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Blogging – Getting students into it!!!


Getting EVERYONE involved!

This is something I am starting this year with my final year A-Level students in my Applied ICT class (you might notice they get there own page on this blog site).

Blogging for homework


Using WordPress

As part of the course students have to demonstrate time planning skills and independent working, so in order to motivate my students to do work independently I have brought blogging into the classroom, or rather I’ve brought it to the course.

In order to demonstrate the extent to which they have worked independently in a week (extended reading, completed class work etc) my students have been set the task of writing a weekly blog post. I want them to make it as interesting as possible, including links to websites they have used, links to each-other work as well as images of influences.



Posting student thoughts

At the start, like all things, I expect a small post, mostly typed text. But I’m hopeful that as time goes on they will begin to expand, add their links, images, videos etc.

Extended opportunities:

Blogging about their work gives them their ‘digital footprint’ their place online that they can share with prospective universities, employers and hopefully demonstrate their commitment to learning and developing themselves.

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