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The Earth in your hand…

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While recently scanning through the pages of the i tunes App store I came across ‘Google Earth’ – not a total surprise, I have had the ‘big version’ of Google Earth on my Mac for ages, and always lamented the fact that I can’t get it used at school – network issues they say. (Don’t they always)

Google Earth

My sudden ‘in teaching’ idea…

I know its not brand new, but you can now get it on the I-phone or Iphone touch. Now imagine taking a group of children on a school field trip, anywhere, New York, Peru – or even Newbiggin By the Sea.

You take the I-Phone/I-Pod touch(s) with you, turn them on and pull up the Google Earth App, talk about an ability to put a subject in context!!

How much more in context could you be? starting with the globe, and zooming down to your exact location via satellite images!

And then, being able to write up a report about the location you are in, take a photo, and then upload all of that to Google Earth there and then, so that ANYONE in the whole world could see your work!

How is that for inspiring!!?? I wish I was a geography teacher, I really do!

Have a look at some very quick I-Phone screen-shots to prove my point.

(thanks to ‘Steve T’ who has posted the photos and info on Google Earth)

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