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As I said, I’ll return to the topic.

teachers tv

Over the past few years has really grown, with some great programmes on the channel, everything from lessons recorded and reviewed by specialists, to shows designed to review the latest technology available to enhance teaching and learning.
I was myself invited to take part in the research for the channel, looking at how trainee teachers had used the online and one tv resources.

You can watch videos online – like this interesting view of how to engage girls in ICT who might otherwise assume ICT was just for boys, or too nerdy for them.


This show about innovative learning with ICT, at New Line Learning Academy (and I must admit I really want to visit this school!!)
Well that’s the general info, and a little about what I use it for, but what about the CPD activities a mentioned I had received in the post, well… Clubs – CPD
A set of resources aimed at supporting, and driving in school CPD. The resources are well structured and diverse, from videos to presentations and suggested lines of discussion with staff.

As I said this months topic is Work/Life balance, aith supporting resources, it stimulates an important discussion amongst staff, who has the balance? Who thinks they don’t? Why do we think it’s a myth? And most importantly it can start people sharing their views on what they do to ‘balance’ work and life.

What does anyone reading this blog think?
Have a look at both and the CPD section of their site, but also have a look at some of the department specific resources and see how much help they can be in your work.

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