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How the I-Phone can make you a better teacher…

I’ll return to the topic of in a minute, firstly I need to get some thoughts out of my head.

The I-Phone, yep I recently bought the new I-Phone 3Gs – but I am telling myself that I bought it for all the right reasons, it’s going to make me a more productive teacher….now if only I can find an app called ‘be a better teacher app’ !!

However, what I have found…

educate app1

A rather impressive ‘all inclusive app’ for teachers, features grade tracking, timetable, lesson planning, and the ability to upload work, images, and audio to a Moodle VLE. Which to me is an impressive app!

And also…

My Gradebook:
igrade app1

Similar features as ‘Educate’ but the interface seems quite immature for such a clever app.
Also it is missing an ability to upload to a VLE, which is a HUGE strength to Educate.

Check out the links for your self.

Personally I’m excited about the apps – the idea of carrying ‘everything’ around in your pocket!

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