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Why we do the job… Today it’s hot, s…

Why we do the job…

Today it’s hot, sun is shining and everyone has that happy look on their faces.

I found myself sitting in the park today, just as two bus loads of what I assume were Primary School students arrived. They, their teachers, and parents all trooped off the bus together, and then I saw the reason I teach.

The look of interest and excitement!!

ALL the students suddenly exploded with excitement at the big open space in front of them, the park! The flowers, grassy hill, bird house, all of it filled them with such obvious excitement, and there was me just sitting in a park! I had forgotten that it could be a place of wonder and adventure.

Now all I have to do is get back to work and figure out how to encourage the same children to have that excitement for my subject as they will have once had for the flowers in a public park….it’s ‘do-able’ I’m sure 🙂

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