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‘Psychometric tests’ for teachers ! H…

‘Psychometric tests’ for teachers !

Having recently seen this article on the BBC’s website It’s made me think…would I have passed?

The aim of the psychometric tests is to see if applicants to teacher training courses are suited to the profession. Now I personally have a problem with the idea behind it, I’ve always been one of those people who didn’t perform well in tests, but sit me in a room and interview me and I like to think I come across much better than I ever have done on paper.

So does a psychometric test mean we might miss out on some great teachers (not that I’m putting myself in that category) the ‘…Association of Teachers and Lecturers criticised the idea as an “expensive gimmick”…’ according to the BBC article. Which suggests I’m not the only skeptic to the idea.

I’m not against new ideas, in fact most often I like to see new things being tried.
But this looks like a potential barrier to entry into the profession. And I’m not sure I agree with that.

A better idea?…
What about using the tests to give people additional training in the ‘softer’ side of their character, that can be used in the classroom. I’m a believer in emotional intelligence, and teachers being able to use such a tool when dealing with students – and other colleges. And so, wouldn’t adding such training to the Teacher Training process be more sensible than relying on the scores of one test to determine if someone can get their foot in the door??

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